Meet our Apprentice, Laura Perrot

What are you doing with ace dance and music?

Bonjour my name is Laura, I am doing an apprenticeship with ACE dance and music, so I am with them all the time. I had the chance to travel with them during the tour and to perform for some of their shows. When the company dancers are not working here I am learning administration skills, developing my teaching, taking professional dance classes and delivering workshop with my partner in crime, Iona.

How was the show at strike a light?

I don’t think it has been the best show to be honest, but it has been a great experience for me to perform the morning show as the night. I don’t think I have experienced it before to me, and I really enjoyed it. The morning performance was for students, which gave a different vibe to the performance. It was touching to see one of the audience members come onto the stage at the end to hug two of the dancers. It is at this moment that you know why you are doing that as a career.

What has been the preparation before the show?

It depends on each venue but we usually leave the morning to arrive around lunch there, to give time to the technician, to set the background and the light that is quite important for our show. Then one of the dancer are usually delivering a class (we rotate in every venue). We have a tech rehearsal, then a show run if we have time. We have an hour in general to prepare ourselves before the show!

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