In Jan26993521_1634318649988229_5093174926826326068_nuary Gail and Ian Parmel, along with Education Officer Iona Waite addressed the 30th Anniversary conference of the International Association of Blacks in Dance in Los Angeles, a huge honour and a clear recognition of the achievements of ACE as a professional and educational Company over its 21-year history.



More than just one of the world’s biggest opportunities to share experiences and contacts, the Annual International Conference and Festival of Blacks in Dance has become a Mecca for administrators, artists, choreographers, dance companies, directors, educators, scholars, and those interested in artistry, black dance issues, and performance presentations.


CEO of ACE dance and music, Ian Parmel says: –27067621_1634318949988199_7384098441066162652_n
“I had an amazing time at IABD! Some of the dancers were very young but had such a high level of technique and professionalism. We were inspired on our trip which has us thinking about ideas we can implement here at ACE dance and music. The future of Diasporic dance is in good hands.”

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