FranceDance UK brings top French contemporary dance to ten cities across the UK. The Institut Français in London presents FranceDance UK – a four-month festival bringing the best in French contemporary dance to venues across the country. The festival features 50 performances, including several UK premieres, at 16 festivals and theatres in ten major UK cities with Birmingham Hippodrome and ACE dance and music as partner venues.

Artistic Directors from ‘ACE dance and music’ and ‘Company Grenade’, Gail Parmel and Josette Baïz, first met around 7 years ago in France. At the time, Gail was visiting France networking with other dance companies and met Josette and her wonderful youth dance company Groupe Grenade who were developing the production ‘Romeo and Juliet’. They have kept in touch over the years and are excited to have an opportunity to put their artistic minds together.

Gail and Josette will be delivering the ‘France Dance UK’ project with the support of ACE Education officer, Iona Waite, and Grenade’s Choreographic Assistant, Magali Fouque. Over the next few months, they will be leading a series of residences with some talented young people from ACE’s in-house class programme, creating ‘L’Hommage á Trisha’, an exciting piece that celebrates one of the most influential choreographers, Trisha Brown and will be performed at the Patrick Studio, Birmingham Hippodrome on 23rd and 24th October at 7.00pm. The piece will be performed as a curtain raiser before Emanuel Gat’s ‘YOOO!’

(Tickets for the show can be purchased here : ACE Curtain Raiser