ACE Youth and RDC Youth’s residency with Gemma Harrison

The beginning of the process was a challenge, as the music was difficult to work from and our choreographer had set timing but throughout the process I began to adapt to how Gemma wanted the movements to be portrayed. Gemma uses Somatics and core workout techniques which has allowed me to develop the fluidity of my moment. The partnership between ACE Youth and RDC has allowed me to appreciate different movement vocabularies and I have been inspired. I am enjoying Gemma’s choreography and working with so many talented dancers.

Charlene Kaliyati

We have spent this week with Gemma Harrison and it has been very challenging but very inspirational. The week has been very different and over the last few days we have all adapted to how she moves and how she wants us to move. It has been an amazing experience working with ACE youth and I am looking forward to performing with so many talented people.

Ella Knight

By today, we were all starting to get used to the bruised shoulders and aching backs as we started piecing the phrases together. We used the phrases that Gemma choreographed and group phrases that had been altered to give us a base. Not all of us were being used so we spent time going over everything we’ve done previously and learning each other’s solos. It’s interesting to see how our simple gestures have started to develop and I look forward to seeing the completed work.

Chelsea Gordon

Today was the first day I could clearly see the hard work and dedication pay off as the piece started coming together. It has been nice to work with Gemma and adapt to her unique style of dance. I look forward to learning new movements because they are intriguing and engaging to an audience. I have to admit my body is in a lot of pain, however it is worth it. I have loved working with RDC as they are a very talented friendly young group of dancers who are committed and work well with our dance style.

Anike Cox

This week has allowed me to grow as a dancer and discover different choreographic styles. When first meeting our choreographer Gemma Harrison, I found her style unique and interesting and as we progressed through the week I have adapted to her style. This intensive has given me the confidence to know that in the future I will be able to adapt when needed.

Katie Hart

Through ACE Dance and Music I was offered a fantastic opportunity to participate in a unique one week intensive workshop with Choreographer Gemma Harrison. Each day has consisted of a technique class which demonstrates the foundations of somatic practice particularly focusing on the core strength. So far I am enjoying this challenging choreographic journey and very much looking forward to the performance in the summer.

Kaisha Brown

This week I have taken part in an intensive dance week with choreographer Gemma Harrison. Participating in this intensive week has given me the opportunity to work with another company and learn a different style of contemporary dance. We have had the experience of making our own solos through improvisation. This area of dance is a weak side for me however, I feel my confidence has grown. We are now on day 4 and are putting the piece together and it is looking fabulous!! I can’t wait to perform it on Friday.


This week has been strange but very interesting. When we first started at the beginning of the week, we practiced simple movements using gestures and learned how to expand the body and  how to contract. I loved learning how to fully relax the body on the floor and how to activate your centre even though your body is relaxed. I am looking forward to finishing the piece and excited to perform it.

Ines Kanyinda

Today was the third day of the residency week. Most of the material had been created and so today was  about Gemma putting the piece together. The piece involves elements of our solo’s and the three different phrases we learned with Gemma. I am really enjoying this week and I am excited to see the end product of the piece. Although my body is aching from the three intensive days we have had so far, I am finding myself very intrigued by the way Gemma moves, especially during floor work exercises.

Kiki Shervington