ACE youth In Amsterdam // Day 2

1“Hi guys it’s Bria again! Today has been a very hardworking day… we started with a jog and warm up before participating in our first dance class, alongside the exchange group, with a lady named Desta who is our choreographer for the exchange. It has been such a challenge working with Desta because she uses traditional African movement and I’m not very experienced in this dance style. However I made sure to work to my full potential and it was very enjoyable. We took part in many creative dance activities to kick start the creation of our piece which we will be be performing later this week. The different motifs created with the dancers from Untold and Desta will hopefully be fused together. I look forward to the finishing product! During the evening we took time out to watch a documentary about children growing up in a deprived area in Trinidad. This was such an eye opener for all of us because we got to see how privileged we are as well as the power of the arts. This was definitely a great thing to do and overall, I think that today has been very productive and much fun.”



“Hello my name is Kamarah. And today was officially the first day we started to create movement, with Untold, for our performance on Saturday. After crawling out of bed and standing under a hot steaming shower for 20 minutes trying to wake up, we met downstairs at 8:30 for breakfast (excluding Tyler who just woke up). Once we were prepared to hit the road, we left the hotel to arrive at the studio for around 10’o clock. As soon as everyone was ready to begin, we started off with a warm up which was lead by two members of Untold (Esperanza and Shi-Dee). Soon after a jog in the blazing heat, we went inside to start class with Desta. We began the class with warming up our backs, which was quite different from what we’ve been doing at ACE, so we found it more difficult. We went through the morning with some African movements and phrases, which we hope to later add to the performance. Later that day, we were given a buddy to get to know and work with. My buddy was Imani,  who is a creative and wonderful person. We were then told to pair off with another pair (Shaun and Jade) to create a small dance routine to the song ‘Work’ by Rihanna. Next, we had lunch where we relaxed and tried to catch a tan in the scolding sun. We started the class again, after an hour or so, to go back through our routines to see if Desta could involve them into the piece. Afterwards we played Qwa! (Kiki won…which was no surprise). We came back together to watch a documentary. The documentary was about chosen school pupils at Success Village Laventille (which is in Trinidad) who were asked to blog their daily lives. They took part in a project called Arts Connect. This is where they learn about art, music and dance. We, as the audience, learn about the difficulties they have to face every single day. The fear of someone they love being killed. The fear that they could be killed. This is something they have to live with. Every single day. But throughout the documentary we see how they develop themselves and those around them. There were moments of both heartache and laughter but all the way through feelings of respect and wonder were felt by all of us. In the end, we sat in a circle and discussed our thoughts and opinions about the film. This bought us to the end of the third day in Amsterdam. Once all showered, our beds called to us with a soothing voice, taking us to the land of dreams. Only to be rudely interrupted by our alarm clock the next day.”