ACE youth in Amsterdam // Day 3

4“Welcome back to the daily blog from me, Bria! Today has been such a fun day, I thoroughly enjoyed the programme. During today’s programme we went for our morning jog as usual before returning back to the studio for a session with Desta. As a whole group we worked on the piece for our upcoming performances. This choreography is a work in progress and we are doing well at picking up the material. Then in the afternoon we were fortunate to have an Azonto style dance class with a man named Sergekofie. I really loved the routine and had a lot of fun participating. I definitely would love to have more Azonto style dance classes as I really enjoy it and find the style very suited to me. Finally, to finish off the day we had group evaluation where we stated a ‘tip’ and ‘top’. The ‘top’ being something positive and good and the ‘tip’ being something that could be improved. This was a really good way of gaining feedback and hopefully as the week progresses it will all be taken on board.”


azonto 3

Sergekofie (left) and Nathan (right) taking centre stage in Azonto class 


“Hi I’m Chelsea! It is now day three and I can already tell that everyone is tired but the spirits are high and everyone is still very positive. We started the day with a jog around the park. Unlike yesterday, did a lap around the park outside the theatre. We ran, jogged, brisk walked and sprinted in 25 degree heat. It was nice way to wake everyone up as well as getting a chance to see the beautiful surroundings. After that, we had another class with Desta where we went over what we did previously and then added entrances and exits with the material we already had. It’s interesting to see the piece starting to coming together and where we will go next with it. We had a lunch break followed by an Afro-fusion class which I was nervous about because it’s not what I’m comfortable with but it was great! Sergekofie had so much energy and although there was a language barrier he was really clear and precise with the movement. I had a really good time doing his class and enjoyed doing something out of my comfort zone. At the end of the day we had a group reflection and evaluation session where we reflected on what we felt was good and what we could work on either individually or as a group. Today was really productive and I’m looking forward to seeing what we will accomplish by the end of the week.”