ACE youth in Amsterdam // Day 4

6“Hi guys, Bria again! Today has been a very good day. To start off the day we had an African yoga class which was very calming and healing for the body. We worked on many stretches including one representing the goddess Isis. It was a great release however it did hurt as you had to engage your centre to hold your arms up for the duration of the exercise. After this session we had a class with Desta where we continued to polish our piece for Friday and Saturday. After our class we played games and bonded with each other. This was a great time to connect with our partners and I had fun learning new things about mine. I look forward to interacting with more of the people from the exchange.”



yoga 4

Yoga Class was hard work!



“Hi I’m Jade. This morning we did African yoga which was a different experience as we have never done it before. After the yoga session, it was time to work on the dance piece with Desta. She clarified the movement and started to create an entrance for the start of the dance. She also added some solo and duet pieces. She cleared up any concerns we had regarding spacing, timing and movement for the piece which helps us to see the piece coming together. In the afternoon we went to the shopping centre for an outing to see the local area. When we got back to the studio it was time for interactive games and another bonding session between ACE and Untold. I am excited for our day trip tomorrow and for our performance with Untold on Saturday.”



yoga end of class

All of us together after a fantastic Yoga class!