ACE youth in Amsterdam // Day 6

6 end of show



“Tyler here. Today was our first opportunity to showcase the piece we have been working on throughout the week with Desta to an audience built up of the friends and family of Untold and The Untouchables. Desta first needed to put in place the finishing touches and to piece certain sections together. Because we had such little time to complete this, Desta needed everyone’s full focus and attention and at times this requirement was not met by the group which then caused the process to become a lot more hectic, however I feel that we managed to overcome the issue as a group by pulling together, listening to each other and applying the directions given. Once Desta had finished piecing the sections together we ran through the piece over and over again to really drill it into our minds and become comfortable with it. When we had finished rehearsing the piece we then spaced, lit and ran Loss of Innocence in the theatre. When it came to the actual showcase presentation, a video was shown of the first ACE and Untold exchange that took place in 2010, as I have been in the company for 10 years a younger version of me was often seen in the video. Untold began the presentation by performing their piece based on the traditional African dance and culture, this was then followed by The Untouchables’ first piece which was of an Afro/urban style of dance. We then performed Loss of Innocence and then The Untouchables performed their final piece before we all showcased the collaboration piece.”

day 6 rehearsal of performance

The last rehearsal for our final performance!