ACE Youth meet Gemma Harrison

On Saturday ACE Youth and RDC took park in a workshop with Gemma Harrison. During this session we looked at Gemma’s style of dancing to prepare us for the creation week in the May half term. Gemma tends to use a lot of floor work in her work and throughout the workshop she kept reminding us that the floor is ‘home’. We started off with a bit of improvisation work on the floor, trying to connect our bodies to the ground in various ways; sliding, falling etc. We then moved on to do some travelling which prepared us for the phrase we learned at the end – a mixture of the two warm ups. Right before the end of the session we were given 10 minuets to create a solo that best represented us and how we moved, for Gemma to develop an understanding of our styles of dance for the creation week. We then went off in pairs to create a duet, mixing our styles and testing our creation skills as a collective. Overall I really enjoyed the workshop and found myself drawn to Gemma’s style of movement, especially the floor work! It was challenging but exciting and I really look forward to doing more in the creation week. I also really liked getting to know the other youth company and seeing how two different groups, of different styles work together in the same dance.

Kiki Shervington 

On Saturday 2nd May, we took part in a taster workshop led by Gemma Harrison. Throughout the time we had, we engaged in small activities which consisted of some floor work, learning a small phrase and a couple of creative tasks in which we had to come up with at least three-eighths of our preferred style of dance and then turn it into a unison-like duet with another solo. I really enjoyed this workshop because it allowed me to be myself and learn other styles of dance.

Kaylah Edwards

On the 2nd of May I took part in a class which was run by Gemma Harrison. She told us her preferred style was floor technique. She showed us different ways to move across the floor but by staying on the floor. I found her technique very different from the usual ACE classes but I really enjoyed learning different ways in which to incorporate the floor into a dance piece.

Jade Elliott

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