ACE Youth Meet UNTOLD …

Let’s throwback in time…a perspective from Naomi, ACE Administration Officer

Day 1 – Monday 20th February

Welcome to Birmingham UNTOLD.

It is the first day of our AMSTERDAM exchange week. UNTOLD dancers are entering ACE Space with beaming smiles; hugs and special welcomes are the first activity of the exchange. The greetings are heart warming, friends reunited – we have developed a family bond with UNTOLD and 2017 marks the 8th year! The young people are all enthusiastic members of youth companies aged between 12-19 years . ACE Youth and UNTOLD both follow the style of Afro Caribbean dance with ACE Youth focusing on the fusion of Contemporary dance and UNTOLD on Hiphop. An exchange is all about learning from each other and the young people have an exciting week ahead of them.




















Afternoon reflection…

The energy between the dancers is contagious; arms are swinging, bodies following, twists, turns…

“Right leg in front”

The day began with a fun ice breaker where the groups refreshed on each others names. The relationships between the companies are growing and it’s nice to observe positive engagement and interactaction. ACE Space is a better place with passionate dancers in the studio and today we have over 30! Iona Waite, ACE Education Officer, Christopher Radford, ACE Company member are currently running the creative class with support from Laura Perrot, ACE Apprentice. It’s loud, fun and exciting!

RULES FOR THE WEEK: a collective of rules created by the young people.