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Day 3: Identity session led by Skecia Mardenborough

Stop the dancing and let’s get talking…What makes up your identity?

The young people were spread across the studio in small groups, discussing their influences and cultural backgrounds.

The first feedback session was based on food and culture. A young person listed the food they eat as a part of their culture and the group responded with noise and created a hype from learning they share similarities and love for the same food. It was really interesting to observe how people can connect through the commonality of food.

All eyes on Skecia…

Skecia made an interesting point about the importance of knowing how to cook cultural delicacies to continue the legacy down generations. The young people were engaged and communicated with enthusiam.

Point to discuss: Role of men and women

The group have engaged in meaningful conversations and showed agreements that the role of women is different to the role of men. It was nice to hear young voices speak out and release expression. There was a slight echo in the room where many females believed men get away with more than women. The focus was intense and every young person in the room was thoroughly engaged.