Days 3 and 4: Combining Movement and Sound in Research and Development

Over the past two days, here at ACE space we have been working on movement and creative exploration in order to develop our upcoming Production TEN.

Yesterday we invited Choreographer Jose Agudo was in the studio with a team of talented dancers creating a fusion of movement and vocals. His flamenco influence was charged with aggression to create the feeling and movement of a riot which encapsulates Jose’s interest in the cycle of destruction and revival.

Today, the dancers experimented with rhythm, using their voices, in order to create performance entwined in both African and Contemporary roots, which echoed the infamous Toyi Toyi protest dance of South Africa. Toyi Toyi combines the stomping of feet with improvised vocal chanting to create a trance like state amongst its participants, thus embodying the power and intensity of the group. The usage of Toyi Toyi within the sequence perfectly envelops the creative team of TEN’s desire to explore humanity’s universal stories.


“Another exciting, energized and powerful feeling in the ACE studio this week.. A beautiful cultural melting pot of exquisite movement, enchanting music and exhilarating dance.”

– Gail Parmel, Artistic Director, ACE dance and music




Virtuosic guitarist and composer Giuliano Modarelli and Beautiful Noise’s Vincenzo Lamagna were also on hand today to provide the dancers with a taste of the soundtrack to come.The musicians intend to work closely with the dancers to combine music, movement and vocals for the final production of TEN. Today’s musical piece was constructed earlier in the week with a west African influence combined with a range of Ethiopian Melodic scales to create a sound scape to capture the energy of the performance and to tell the story of the fragility of life and unimagined destiny.

Yesterday we worked with videographer Matthew Beckett and his assistant Chris Brooker from River Rea Films to capture the creative process here at Ace. Stay tuned to find out what dancers Sophia Priedel and Nathan Bartman have to say about the creative exploration so far.