Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Summer School!

Zachary, aged seven is bouncing on the edge of his seat nervously as he can hear the class singing a remixed version of ‘Pick a Pocket’ and wants to get back and join in. He tells me,

‘This week has been really exciting and also a little bit challenging- it takes two days to learn a whole dance! I’ve made friends this week and I like the teachers, I like that they are funny and always happy and they put some comedy into the dances.’

When a lot of the children arrived at ACE on Tuesday morning of the Half Term they were nervous about what the week would entail and anxious to have been dropped off by their parents in alien surroundings. By Friday they were already excitedly discussing their next meeting at the upcoming summer school and were eager to tell me about their ideas for the Christmas performance.

As the children got ready to go home on Friday afternoon there was enough time for a group photograph and some heartfelt goodbyes to new friends before they bounced out of the doors to their parents with exciting stories to tell about their week. They are all eager to return to the Summer school where they will work on developing the set, designing costumes and structuring the sections of their very own take on the classic Oliver.

By the end of the process they will have accomplished so much. The research and development of the production is very much in the children’s hands, last week they tirelessly discussed movement; what works and what doesn’t work, and over the summer they will have more chances to input their own vision and creativity. Not only this, but their confidence will have grown exponentially, this can already be seen through the drastic progress they’ve made in just one week.

group pic

Our holiday schools are a fantastic opportunity for kids to socialise, learn new skills and flourish within a creative environment. It’s not too late for your child to take part in the upcoming summer school on the 25th-  29th July so follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ACE_dance_music to keep up to date and book your child’s place.