Hip Hop with Shanelle Clemenson

During the exchange week, Shanelle Clemenson came to ACE to give the young people some variety. Throwing it back to the past….

“You can see the smiles of achievement. The young people are really feeling the Hip Hop grooves today! The pace is different to contemporary dance, it is more up beat yet the dancers are committing to every move. Shanelle is clapping to create a rhythm and repeating a drill for the dancers to imbed the routine into their heads. Each time the routine is practiced, I can see the proud achievement across faces and hear the hype, it’s a warming feeling.

Lunch time… is a party! Everyone is eating together and vibing to Dutch music. I’m thinking they must need a break yet they are thinking let’s dance some more! You can really see the passion for dance through each young person and understand how the exchange creates cultural bonds and exchanges.” Naomi, ACE Administration Officer