Learning from Each other…












The exchange is about learning from each other and creating a piece together that will be shared to family and friends on the last day of the exchange. The group are working extremely fast, hard and I can see their working attitude is very positive however, I spot a few tired faces! It has been an energetic week, filled with different classes, creation, mini parties during lunch – on going energy! These young people are FULL of passion, during the times when they are not featured within the piece they are in their own world rehearsing. Iona and Chris, ACE group leaders have a great bond and are a gem working together. Chris is currently making the beat on the floor and Iona is humming the tune adding counts into the mix whilst the group rehearse to their rhythms.

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Sharpness, team work, synchronisation, solos, duets, triplets. The group choreographic piece really captures the essence of the exchange.