Mana – An International double-bill of contemporary dance

mana jump Mana // An International double-bill of contemporary dance

The Power Within

Delving deep into the unknown, Mana will take you on a journey.  Feel the hairs on your neck stand up and a shiver down your spine as you encounter the force which resides within all living beings and inanimate objects, the stuff of which magic is made.

Watch exceptional dancers express soul, energy and precision to a stunning backdrop of commissioned music and cutting-edge lighting design, with movement styles drawing from Afro-fusion, Martial Arts techniques, the essence of Flamenco and Ballet.

A Thousand Shepherds: Spanish choreographer and Akram Khan’s Rehearsal Director Jose Agudo was inspired by 2 months in an Indian monastery. This piece is a celebration of discipline and dedication.

Mana: South African Choreographer Vincent Mantsoe will take you back to ancient times, evoking the spirit and earthy ambience of African dance and Shaman traditions.

The word ‘mana’ is used in over twenty-four languages, it unifies beliefs,cultures and ages.

Feel alive with ACE dance and music.