Space Hire /// Geese Theatre at ACE space

Since May 2016 Geese Theatre Company have been using the space at ACE dance and music to explore creative skills, such as creative writing, performance and film, in the run up to three performances ending at the REP on 22nd July. Participants have been invited from a range of previous Geese projects delivered with charities such as Anawim, Changes UK and Crisis UK. The theme for the performances are based around happiness, recovery, mental health and ‘treating people as people’. Themes which were thought up by the participants themselves during discussions which have taken place over the past few weeks.


Geese Theatre Company are an internationally renowned team of applied theatre practitioners and group workers, working primarily within the UK criminal justice system. The company has a reputation for innovative and dynamic work with adults and young people, exploring topics such as self-esteem, identity, peer pressure, hyper-masculinity, gender based violence, gangs, knife crime and mental well-being.  You can learn more about Geese at


We are always delighted to host new companies and artists here at ACE dance and music. If you too would like to use our space then contact us at or on 0121 314 5830.