About Us
"Music and dance to elevate the soul" - The Birmingham Post

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

We are a nationally and internationally recognised leader in the field of Contemporary African and Caribbean Dance. Our signature is rooted in traditional forms but through our collaborations with other artists, choreographers and new technologies we express this through a purely contemporary lens.

Our Mission

To promote the beauty of collaboration through appreciation of cultural exchange using shared choreographic methods and new technologies.

Founded in October 1996, Birmingham based ACE dance and music (African Cultural Exchange Ltd.) is a professional dance Company based in the West Midlands, under the artistic direction of Gail Parmel and musical direction of Ian Parmel.

ACE dance and music fuse traditional African and Caribbean dance aesthetic with contemporary techniques to create high quality innovative performance work, outreach and education programmes for adults and young people in a variety of formal and informal settings within Birmingham, the West Midland region, across the UK and increasingly in mainland Europe.

The Company’s work involves music collaborations, the use of new and digital media and techniques from other performing arts including theatre.