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ACE have 20 years of experience delivering high quality education and participatory work to thousands of children and young people each year. ACE dance and music have an exciting education offer which encourages participants to be inspired, creative and empowered.

We have an unrivalled reputation for delivering excellent workshops, curtain raisers and lecture demonstrations across the country to schools, colleges, youth and community groups of all ages and abilities, providing a range of opportunities that support the curriculum, enhance the students experience and provide a unique insight into the company’s work.

Why have DANCE in your school?

  • Chance for the children and young people to learn about or embrace their own Caribbean and African culture
  • World Health Organisation state that physical activity that can increase fitness and health and reduce BMI (2009). NHS state that regular dancing is great for losing weight, maintaining strong bones, improving posture and muscle strength, increasing balance and co-ordination, and beating stress (2019).
  • NHS state that dance is a way to increase happiness, enjoy yourself and have a sense of achievement (2021)
  • Creating art develops young people’s sense of identity and self-efficacy and increases resilience (Catterall et al., 2007)
  • Dance and art lowers cortisol levels in the blood stream in which lowers stress (Kreutz et al., 2004)
  • Help build a broad PE and School curriculum

What We Offer


For Primary schools we can work around Sports Premium funding to develop dance as a physical activity alongside CPD for class teachers. From day workshops, termly or one-off workshops. Sessions can be cross curricular, health and wellbeing focused, contemporary, carnival, afrobeat’s and African styles, or workshops connected to the tour. We can deliver staff Primary Dance CPD suitable for teachers with no or lots dance experience to ensure dance can always thrive at your school.


For Secondary schools and sixth forms we can support with creating performance pieces for GCSE and A Level Dance and can teach rep for WJEC, SQA, BTEC and UAL specifications. From repertoire for modules to choreography building or technique building.


Our taster sessions focus on expanding African and Caribbean dance techniques, giving learners the opportunity to widen their movement vocabulary. The session provides each participant with the underlying knowledge of the skills needed to progress in movement, creation, and performance within the Afro-fusion technique. We combine these methods with contemporary choreographic methods and to experience the ACE dance and music style.


Using a section of ACE dance and music’s repertoire as a starting point, students will develop and create a small section of their own work using different choreographic methods. Ideal for students who are creating work for exams.


Participants will work with dancers from the professional company to create a fresh and dynamic piece for performance whilst developing their creative and performance skills. The curtain raiser will then be presented prior to a performance of ACE’s touring production at a local venue. The work may be retained and maintained by the participating group for other local performance opportunities


At ACE dance and music, we strive to be inclusive. If you have an interest in a particular aspect of our work, or an idea or vision for an option not listed, please talk to us and we will discuss and shape a bespoke option that suits your need


ACE offer the chance for students aged 15+ years to come and experience the day-to-day workings of a professional dance company. We can tailor programmes from one to two weeks depending on the time of year and the touring and class programme cycle.

For all education enquiries please contact to discuss your requirements.


“The importance of having ACE at our school is massive, it changes them that is beyond dance. Where it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters what you bring”

Katie Tucker – Head of Dance Fortis Academy

“…the students had an absolute ball and wanted to do it all day long! The dancers had a really good relationship with the pupils and pitched it perfectly, there was a great feeling of respect and admiration from the pupils throughout the workshop.”

Ellie Bunn – Head of Dance at Colmers School

“I enjoyed being able to work with talented dancers relating to a performance which we watched. I also enjoyed being pushed and trying out a new style.”

Participant – Joseph Chamberlain College

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