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ACE dance and music work to give everyone a chance to dance in an environment which makes you feel part of a supportive family network.

We engage with primary and senior schools, university students and community groups and one of our strengths is the ongoing relationship that we build with all of these groups.

We welcome a large number of children and parents into our building each week and run a thriving and affordable class programme for children as young as 2 yrs ranging up to our adult African dance class participants.

We also run the ACE Youth Group, young people who have progressed through our classes and who are keen to progress and perform. We arrange exchange visits with other international youth dance groups and your support enables us to continue to grow this activity.

To be able to continue this amazing work and to develop it further we rely on your support. Please consider a small regular contribution to the work of this amazing company to make sure that we are able to keep transforming lives and growing confidence and bettering outcomes.

We appreciate all of the support we are given, and we work hard to ensure that the help reaches young people who will benefit the most.

There are a number of ways to contribute to the work that ACE dance and music deliver whether this is a one-off donation or a programme of regular giving. Use the form below to make a donation, or come and give of your time and get involved with ACE.


We also value the time that people are willing to give to make extraordinary things happen. Without the help of our volunteers and parents we would not be able to attend Carnivals and events with our younger dancers so to give of your time is as helpful as giving money. If you would like to come and join Team ACE for one of our events please email your details to and come along and be part of the fun.

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