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I am interested in exploring the concepts of moving away and leaving, of surviving in a land without a place to go. Of looking at how and why people choose previously unimagined destinies over the lives they’d always thought they’d live… and how power can reflect the fragility of the human being.

Jose Agudo, Choreographer


Following on from the sell-out success of the 2015 tour of MANA, ACE dance and music will be bringing a brand new, full-length epic dance production, TEN, to theatres across the UK in 2016.

At a time when more and more people across the world find themselves having to leave their own lands, ideas of home and belonging are unknown.

Inspired by global migration, TEN is centred around the relationship between two brothers. Full of intense physical power and very human fragility, TEN explores the concepts of moving away, looking at how and why people choose unimagined destinies over the lives they’d always thought they’d live.

Combining contemporary dance with an essence of Flamenco, Kathak and ACE’s inimitable Afro-fusion style, TEN is a visceral and exhilarating dance production. Music composition by Giuliano Modarelli will layer a haunting guitar melody onto these stories combined with a powerful and dynamic soundscape created in collaboration with Beautiful Noise (Vincenzo Lamagna).

A carefully chosen Creative team each bring with them diverse world cultures and experience to the making of this piece. ACE dance and music continues our relationship with Choreographer, Jose Agudo, and some of the other stellar creative team behind A THOUSAND SHEPHERDS, which was part of the MANA repertoire.

TEN will continue the legacy laid down by A THOUSAND SHEPHERDS, building on the themes of spiritual dedication and striving. Ultimately this piece will be about humanity’s urge to reach for the power of 10 – the universal symbol of completion.


  • Artistic Directors: Gail & Ian Parmel
  • Choreography: José Agudo & ACE dance and music
  • Composers: Giuliano Modarelli, Beautiful Noise (Vincenzo Lamagna)
  • Costume Designer: Kimie Nakano
  • Costume maker: Caroline Mirfin
  • Lighting Designer: Andrew Ellis
  • Design: www.theliftcreativeservices.com