Yvan Talbot

Composer & Sound Designer

About Yvan Talbot

Yvan Talbot, an internationally acclaimed musician founded the EL FASSA  group in 2009 and released his first album, “No Black No White Just Voodoo”, a mix of African, Latin and electronic sounds.Based in Poitiers, France, he has composed music for several renowned choreographers in the Hip Hop dance and contemporary dance fields including Compagnie Chute Libre, Compagnie Rêvolution, Compagnie Malka, Compagnie Accrorap, Compagnie Julie Dossavi, and Compagnie Faso Danse Théâtre, the producer for electronic/Hip Hop music, including KillAson, and the Manager for the independent label SUPANOVA.In 2017, he released a solo EP titled “Caryotype”, an electro project featuring multiple artists from different backgrounds and styles, who all brought something new and original to every track.

In 2021 he work on the « BP 226 » new EP. A real mix between traditional Manding music and electronic sounds. 4 singles are already available in collaboration with some amazing west african artists.

When he was 19 year Yvan Talbot, known in the artistic world as “D”, went on a journey in order to discoverer Africa and to learn the Bambara and Dioula languages. As a self-taught artist, he met the greatest African and French percussionists and became a master Djembe and Bolon player.

D’s music is multidimensional, powerful, wild, bursting with rhythms, dance-provoking, and built on his experiences and encounters.