Is this our future?

ICE: 6 Quicksilver Dancers: Movement, Music, Film & Light


Choreographic collaborator: Aliko Kitamura

ICE reflects on how technology infiltrates our lives, set in a clinical white space with powerful visual projections, fast paced streams of movement & bodies frozen in time.

As the performance starts & the temperature drops to freezing point, ICE allows us to preserve the moment & dream together of how the future might be. As the thaw comes, do we cross over & become something else? Or are we forever crystalised. Is this our future? Be touched & amazed. ICE is raw, vibrant and full of expression. With cutting-edge Japanese style, precise timing, strength, control & fierce execution. Music & dance to elevate the soul.


“The creation of our new production ICE is a challenging but exciting time for ACE dance and music. I am delighted to be collaborating with Akiko Kitamura for the second time, building on a relationship that began in 2006 and that has grown, developed & strengthened over the past 5 years. Connecting two different cultures from opposite sides of the world is not an everyday experience. Two female choreographers, sharing the same age, their practise & finding commonalities. This is a unique formula that makes the experience special.”

Artistic Statement: Gail Parmel

“An eclectic mix of movement styles and video graphics projected on to the floor and back wall of the stage. All of these choreo-electronic shenanigans are designed to take a long hard look at the world of electronic communications and what happens when you take them away.”

Article 19

“The poise, balance and skill of the dancers were amazing and the stop-start and repetitive nature of parts of the routines added to the sense of a world where machines rule.”

The Westmorland Gazette