"Full of emotion and expression... energetic and magical" - The Birmingham Post

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The sheer physicality, technical ability, style and discipline was full of emotion and expression….. energetic and magical

- Birmingham Post

This is quality contemporary dance theatre, the overwhelming strength of the evening lay in the excellent dancing and stunning lighting, which between them conveyed strongly the rather vaguely mystical-spiritual-magical-tribal-ritual atmosphere of ‘Mana’…. ACE are holding their own, delivering what they set out to achieve, with excellent dancers, showcasing new choreography in accessible programmes for this scale of touring

- Tim Tubb

Mana: the power within

Directed by Gail Parmel, Choreography by Jose Agudo and Vincent Mantsoe

Six dancers take the audience on a journey which starts hauntingly. The atmosphere is earthy, emotive and deeply spiritual. This performance is sacred, ritualistic and shamanic.

The word ‘Mana’ is used in over twenty-four languages, it is universal… we can all feel it when people and things possess this power – they become magnets, power-makers, leaders and world-changers.

‘Mana’ unifies beliefs, cultures and ages
‘Mana’ the ultimate human life force
‘Mana’ the stuff of which magic is made

ACE dance and music explore this deep and universal spirit in two 30 minute inter-linked dance pieces, using the own unique style rooted in African but fusing styles drawn from martial arts and an essence of Flamenco and Ballet.

Suitable age 7+. Running time: 1hr approx (plus interval).
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  • Director: Gail Parmel
  • Composer: Vincenzo Lagmagna
  • Musical Director: Ian Parmel
  • Dramaturg (A Thousand Shepherds): Lou Cope
  • Costume Design: Kimie Nakano
  • Lighting Design: Gary Bowman