Ian Parmel

Ian Parmel – CEO & Co-Founder

About Ian

Ian co-founded ACE dance and music in 1997 with his wife Gail and has been instrumental in ensuring that the company has remained true to its vision and core values of placing dance at the centre of all it does.

Ian’s role has a number of key responsibilities that drive ACE’s development. These range from fulfilling the company vision with the help of the board of trustees, to promoting sustainability and growth and working to ensure budgetary control of current projects while fundraising for future core and capital projects.

He and his team are responsible for facilitating the Company’s ability to develop its work with audiences throughout the community, ensuring that the quality of this work is exceptional.

He also pioneers opportunities for emerging black dancers and choreographers to further talent in the sector. In his previous role as Director of ACE dance and music he led the capital development of ACE SPACE and oversaw the company’s ten-year strategy that helped secure the highest UK uplift in funding form Arts Council England for dance in 2017.

In recognition of his contribution to the art form, Ian was shortlisted for ‘One Dance UK’s Dance of the African Diaspora Lifetime Achievement Award 2018’.